A Unique, Hands-on Wildlife Veterinary Opportunity

If you’re on a journey to becoming a veterinarian, vet nurse or vet tech, a trip to Africa could form part of your veterinary medicine studies or veterinary nurse training. Vets Go Wild is the best opportunity to work with African wildlife alongside our experienced wildlife vet team in South Africa. Students from the best veterinary schools across the world join us each year for Vets Go Wild as part of their EMS study requirements. Our wildlife vet team collaborate with the top veterinary schools to ensure an exceptional standard that sets Vets Go Wild apart from other wildlife veterinary courses. A veterinary doctor specialising in wildlife vet medicine is with you every step of the way as you’re immersed in the daily adventure of being a wildlife veterinarian.

Vets Go Wild Courses

Vets Go Wild (16 Days)
January 21, 2019

The original 16-day Vets Go Wild module provides a field based wildlife veterinary management prog...


Vets Go Wild (12 day)
January 20, 2019

Vets Go Wild Impact is the 12-day module introduced to provide a shorter course for those who can...


Vets Go Wild Online
January 19, 2019

Vets Go Wild invites you to join our team on a safari that will take you, virtually, into the fro...