Student groups looking for a hands-on, conservation focussed Africa vet experience need look no further. Vets Go Wild is the perfect animal care course for you, featuring the opportunity to work with wildlife vets in South Africa. We tailor the experience to veterinary and non-veterinary student groups. Animals that you are likely to be working with include Rhino, African Buffalo, Big Cats, Cheetah, Giraffe, various antelope and more.Read More →

If you’re considering pursuing a career in conservation or committed to increasing your knowledge of wildlife, our Game Ranger (Field Guide) Training Course, accredited by the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa is ideal. This 10 week intensive course focuses on coaching and developing the learners with the necessary guiding skills to be competent to enter the safari industry at an introductory level as a safari field guide.Read More →

Achieve a certificate in Wildlife Management on completion of our 10 week Wildlife Management Course. Learn about conservation and the natural environment and how to apply basic conservation principles to wildlife management operations. Ecotourism has now become the fastest growing industry in South Africa, overshadowing the country’s biggest source of income; gold. This is your opportunity to enter a niche field of work, or simply add more depth to your wildlife knowledge.Read More →

Our Conserving Great White Sharks programme will suite anyone who loves the ocean, marine wildlife, shark fanatics, whale enthusiasts(seasonally) and people who want to learn more about how Ecotourism benefits conservation. Volunteers from all over the world can enjoy the opportunity to experience unique marine related projects in the biodiversity rich environment of the Greater Dyer Island area, Gansbaai, South Africa and gain exposure with various marine species, including but not limited to Great White Sharks, Southern Right Whales(seasonal), Dolphins and many marine bird species such as the endangered African Penguin.Read More →