Student groups looking for a hands-on, conservation focussed Africa vet experience need look no further. Vets Go Wild is the perfect animal care course for you, featuring the opportunity to work with wildlife vets in South Africa. We tailor the experience to veterinary and non-veterinary student groups. Animals that you are likely to be working with include Rhino, African Buffalo, Big Cats, Cheetah, Giraffe, various antelope and more.Read More →

In the heart of South Africa’s malaria-free Garden Route, we offer a conservation experience for families who want to get more involved in Africa on their safari. Families will be involved in wildlife and veld management, learn important bush skills and interpretation, contributing to the important conservation work of a Big Five game reserve while on safari. The reserve is home to the elusive Cape Leopard, of which there are less than 1000 remaining in the wild, and our team’s conservation efforts are heavily underway to protect this declining species.Read More →

This project is real spearhead conservation work through a long-term initiative to find solutions to the ever-growing problem of humanwildlife conflict. Bring your sense of adventure, and contribute to continued efforts which have seen the population of Desert Elephants in the region increase from under 50 in the 1990’s to over 600 today. You will truly be helping local communities and wildlife to thrive alongside each other.Read More →

Our Vets Go Wild module is aimed at students undertaking veterinary and wildlife based programmes at university, providing training in the care of animals in the wild. If you are looking for a hands-on Africa vet experience and need to fulfil a portion of your Extra Mural Study (EMS) requirements, Vets Go Wild have the perfect animal care courses for you, featuring the opportunity to work with wildlife vets in South Africa.Read More →