Esther Jacobs

“Worldwide Experience organised my trip to South Africa after I contacted them looking to do a marine based volunteer program. They set me up with ORCA Foundation who not only helped me develop my passion for marine life, but got me thinking about the general marine environment and conservation. It was great to not only be learning but to be working towards a goal of achieving a certification for marine guiding… which I did thanks to the program! It was great to get involved in local community activities and see the townships way of life, and also to work on the organic farm helping to stamp out our carbon footprint through various tasks. I had the most amazing time of my life on the program and would very highly recommend it, there are lots of different things to get involved in so it would suit almost anyone. Ive also since had a job offer in South Africa and have both Worldwide Experience and ORCA Foundation to thank for getting us involved in so many different things which opened up the opportunity.”