Saskia Mori

“My time with Love The Oceans was the best experience of my life so far. I learned a lot in a short space of time, gaining skills and experience in a in a variety of areas- from humpback whales to coral reefs. Collecting raw data that will be used to change and implement policies was rewarding and gives me hope for the future, for both the marine environment and the local community. Everyone I met was warm, friendly and welcoming, which was wonderful to feel acceptance when you are far away from home. Experiencing a different culture was eye opening and grounding, which made me think differently about my life at home. I feel more appreciative of the things I do have, and more relaxed about the things I do not have, which has been beneficial for my mental well being. There were some long work days but it was all worth the late nights and promoted team bonding. I miss Mozambique and everyone at Jay’s Pro Dive Centre who provided excellent diving experiences, and I hope to make it back there soon one day.”