From China, with love

Worldwide Experience has entered into an exciting new partnership with China’s Kooka Nature, the tour operator arm of the Qiaonyu Foundation based in Beijing. This followed an exploratory trip to China by our director, Taryn in November last year.

The Qiaonyu Foundation is an influential organisation in China with strong links to their government. They have agreements to manage over 70 protected natural areas in China, and as part of our agreement with Kooka Nature, we will assist with the development of nature education camps at several of these spectacular locations across China. Kooka Nature share certain goals with Worldwide Experience, like reconnecting people with nature, making a positive and tangible difference, and increasing awareness of conservation issues. There is a lot of work to be done in terms of conservation messaging, especially when it comes to topics like the reduction of the demand for wildlife products such as rhino horn, pangolin scales and lion bones. Interestingly, Taryn discovered that fellow conservationists she spoke with in China were unaware of these issues. They are now committed to local awareness campaigning and doing whatever else they can to help.

Worldwide Experience recently hosted Giacomo Falcone, Kooka Nature’s head of Overseas Business Development. In two weeks, we showcased numerous projects in South Africa and Namibia. Kooka Nature have committed to sending groups of volunteers from China on nature conservation expeditions to Africa and other destinations within our portfolio. This is not only a success for us as a business, but as a conservation organisation too, enabling us to target audiences from the far East with vital conservation messaging with the goal of each traveller returning to China as a conservation ambassador!

Giacomo learning all about the ecological importance of termites while Conserving White Rhinos