Devon Freas

“The Mangetti Project is so unique because I think this is one of the few sites where you really see in real-time that the work you’re doing has a direct impact on people’s lives. I think this project truly embodies what conservation is about, people. Yes, the focus of the work is geared towards wildlife, but at the end of the day, conservation is about the communities impacted by wildlife, and out of all the projects, this is the one where you see human- wildlife conflict firsthand. It’s the one project where you feel like you’re actually doing real work to mitigate that conflict and can actually see the results of your work. Sitting in farmer’s homes and working with them one on one to find solutions to their problems really puts the work that you’re doing into perspective and makes it even more meaningful. I loved the work we did up there, and even more so the people that I got to work with.”