Victoria Petley

“My visit to Kariega Game Reserve on their volunteer programme was made extra special by the support I had from the Worldwide Experience team before, during and after my trip. They arranged my stay and ensured that I had everything I needed ahead of my departure so that there wouldn’t be any hidden surprises. Once in South Africa, my transfer was sorted by WWE and I arrived at Ocean View Lodge on the reserve as fresh as can be expected after an overnight flight. Whilst there, I learnt so much! How to use a telemetry kit to find collared lions, what a serval likes to eat as treat, how many species of bird are in the reserve, what a baby blesbok looks like and why a warthog’s tail is so straight when it runs. All tasks are based on the needs of the reserve and as a volunteer, I really felt like I was contributing to the daily running of the place. I left Kariega wanting to get even more involved in conservation. WWE checked in with me during and after my stay and it really felt like they cared about ensuring I had the best conservation experience I could. I’d highly recommend a booking a volunteer experience with WWE – you’ll have the time of your life!”