Michaela Vinales, UK

“BEST TRIP EVER- DREAM COME TRUE. My trip to Mauritius to help the biodiversity has been amazing. Prior to arriving, the Worldwide Experience team was brilliant in making sure I had all the information I needed and making sure my arrival was perfect. Once arriving, they met us at the airport swiftly and took us to Conserving Biodiversity in Mauritius where we had a tour of the land and taken to our rooms. The rooms/bungalows were so beautiful and comfortable (the beds were perfect which meant I was able to have good night sleeps). The activities planned were amazing. Some of my highlights included seeing a wild bat for the first time (and then seeing them every day while I ate meals on the decks), swimming with wild turtles during the monitoring sessions, and the top was going to Île Aux Aigrettes were I saw my first wild GIANT Aldabra tortoise and got to give it a chin and neck scratch which has always been a dream of mine (yes I did cry). This whole trip was amazing and I can’t wait to come back and see the development of the place. This trip really has made a lot of my dreams come true. Thank you so much Worldwide Experience!”