A Poem For Our Rhinos

Ray DearLove, friend of The Mantis Collection and Worldwide Experience is the founder of the Australian Rhino Project.

The Australian Rhino Project is a conservation organisation which is committed to ensuring the long-term survival of the African rhinoceros in the wild. The Australian Rhino Project, together with the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia, Orana Wildlife Trust and Taronga Conservation Society Australia, are currently working to expand the population of white rhinos in Australia and New Zealand to maintain a genetically diverse breeding crash that can act as an insurance population should the rhino become extinct in its African homeland.

Over the years, Ray has written a number of poems about the plight of the rhinos, “My Son” being his latest effort.


My Son


As we wander through the glade

I watch my first born, searching for shade

Soon it will be night

With the full moon burning bright


No natural enemies on the plains

Certainly confident, perhaps a little vain

So little but already has the strut

Superior to all animals, no ifs, no buts


The moon is high, it could be daytime

I am blessed with my little man, approaching his prime

I feel the pain before I hear the shot

A deep burning pain in my side, burning hot


My son runs towards me, terrified

I breathe hard, running for the forest, must hide

We crash through the bushes, through the trees

More shots, so close, when will it cease


Deep in the bush we stop, searching for a thicket of thorns

All these people want is my horns

Why must they kill me to win their gory prize

I wish that mine were not such a great size


I lay down to rest, my boy by my side

We must be deathly quiet and hide

How long can I withstand this terrible pain

I must rise, I stand, but then I fall again


We stumble a few steps, him nuzzling my neck

Sobbing, crying, am I ok, he wants to check

My world goes dark and black

Someone, anyone, please save my son from this cruel attack

Ray Dearlove – Founder of the Australian Rhino Project

Email: ray@rhinoray.com


If you would like to volunteer with rhinos in Africa, follow: https://worldwideexperience.com/volunteer/


A full Poetry Book written by Ray Dearlove is available for purchase from one of the Mantis Collection Hotels.