Why Choose Us

We offer gap year placements in several countries and all of our projects share our conservation ethos. We support these conservation initiatives through the
recruitment of volunteers from around the world to work on diverse projects.

16 Years of Real Impact

Worldwide Experience was established in 2002, and have since assisted over 5000 travelers in joining the ethical conservation revolution!.

Personalized service and 24 hour placement support

As a volunteer, you’ll be carefully placed by our experienced team on a gap year placement that will ensure maximum enjoyment of your Worldwide Experience. We
realise that many of our travellers are travelling abroad for their very first time, and we endeavour to make the lead up to your trip easy and enjoyable. Our expert team will assist and advise you every step of the way!

Worldwide Experience guarantees to give you the best possible service and support, both before you travel and while on your trip. Our dedicated team members, work together to ensure your placement will be thoroughly memorable as well as being hassle-free.


The majority of our placements run all year round, which allows for flexibility on start dates. Without set departure dates at all our projects, we are sure to find a placement that will fit in around your schedule.

Flights and other inclusions

Our projects are ‘all-inclusive’ whilst overseas, meaning that all your food and accommodation is included in the cost you pay. Our flight team also negotiate
extremely competitive air-fares. Our travel insurance team will arrange the right travel insurance package for your peace of mind. You have easy access to an online travel store, as well as guidance for fundraising towards your Worldwide Experience!

No previous experience necessary

All our placements require no previous knowledge or qualifications. All you need is a passion for the type of placement you have chosen.

Combining projects

Because we understand that not everyone wants to see just one place, we also offer the chance to combine our projects, to help enhance your overall experience.

You're safe with us

Your safety, both financial and physical, is our top priority.

Financial protection: Worldwide Experience are bonded members of SATSA, membership number 2595-S9. SATSA is the Southern African Tourism Services Association.
Bonding provides clients and members assurance that your company is in a position to guarantee a refund on pre-tour deposits should you or another member be placed under involuntary insolvency. This is subject to the terms and conditions of the SATSA Lost Advances Fund.
The SATSA Bond, which refers to the SATSA Lost Advances Fund, is administered by a committee and aims to deal with losses incurred by any member or customer as a result of that member being placed under involuntary liquidation.

Worldwide Experience’s Travel Management Company (TMC), responsible for flight bookings, is Giltedge Travel Africa, an IATA-accredited agent (IATA code: 77213054). Accreditation means that our TMC have met IATA’s criteria, including financial liability and financial guarantees. IATA accredits travel agents to sell air tickets on behalf of all IATA-accredited member international airlines. The IATA-accredited agents community can thus be considered a worldwide network of reliably certified and recognized agents. You can make sure you are using an IATA accredited agent by checking the agent’s IATA NUMBER, specific only to the ticket agent. The IATA logo is also displayed.

Our experiences are carefully selected, developed and vetted to ensure the highest standards of health and safety are in place, and all experiences are risk assessed. All our placements have been developed to ensure maximum security and safety for all of our volunteers. We provide purpose-built accommodation and our vehicles are fully licensed and insured.

Conservation experts

Our Worldwide Experiences are led by experts in their field, meaning that you gain invaluable insight and deeper knowledge from your experience. Plus, when dealing with a Worldwide Experience team member in our offices, you are dealing with a conservationist – all our team members have conservation related qualifications and experience in the field, so we can answer your questions and provide advice from a first-hand perspective.

Responsible volunteering

Worldwide Experience supports responsible travel. All of our programmes have been set up with the needs and requirements of each location in mind. This ensures that you get the best experience, whilst actually making a REAL IMPACT at the project of your choice.

All Worldwide Experiences are ethical. We do not support any form of practice that is unfair to animals, and local communities.

  • The welfare of animals is important to us, and we do NOT support facilities who have questionable animal welfare practices. We especially do not support facilities that have been linked with the canned lion hunting industry – none of our experiences involve captive lion breeding.
  • We believe in supporting local business. Our volunteers will never be asked to do tasks that could mean taking away jobs from local community members; rather, we work with the community towards their upskilling.
  • Worldwide Experience and our extended community at our various destinations strive toward minimizing impact on the environment. This achieved in various ways, like making use of existing footprints when building, using eco-friendly building methods where possible, recycling waste and gray water, and implementing local environmental awareness initiatives in the communities. We also support an initiative to offset your carbon footprint from long distance travel.

Animal welfare policy

Protecting wildlife and safeguarding high standards in animal welfare is at the heart of Worldwide Experience and its volunteer programmes. Whether you participate in one of the wildlife conservation projects, work to rehabilitate orphaned animals, or immerse yourself in our wildlife interactive adventures, Worldwide Experience is committed to ensuring animals involved are under the best possible care.
Working with project partners and animal experts, Worldwide Experience has selected the best wildlife experiences that protect animal welfare and seek to minimise negative impact. With wildlife under such pressure, and cases where animals in tourism are exploited, it is essential that we offer meaningful travel experiences. Worldwide Experience seeks to educate, inspire and engage people to build a better world where both people and wildlife can thrive.

We help offset your carbon footprint

Travel footprints are often dominated by car use but just one long flight could cause air travel to be the largest part of your footprint. To give you an idea of the carbon footprint generated by our volunteers’ air travel, we have calculated that each volunteer would need to plant at least 6 trees to offset the carbon footprint generated from one trip. (This based on a return international flight between London and Johannesburg, South Africa).

Worldwide Experience pledges to plant a tree for every volunteer that travels with us every year. Our volunteers can also pledge to plant trees, or you are able to make a donation to our tree-planting charity partner, GreenPop, and join the Treevolution!

Worldwide Conservation Community

Worldwide Experience is more than just our staff – we are a worldwide community of like minded people who are passionate about conservation and making a real impact! You can sign up to our newsletter to get all the latest news plus exclusive offers, and if you have traveled with us, you are invited to join our community of real impacters as an alumni member or conservation ambassador!

Join the ethical conservation revolution, and help us make a real impact!

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