Become a virtual wildlife volunteer, alongside our conservation team in Sri Lanka, to improve your knowledge about conservation challenges while you contribute to ongoing research and conservation efforts. Participate in interactive lessons about Asian elephants, and marine research and conservation. You will learn in detail the traits that can be used to identify individual elephants to understand their population dynamics, factors influencing elephant movements and monitoring their health. All of this information is crucial for their long term conservation. Join the groundbreaking Project Orange Elephant virtually to learn about applied conservation as a solution to address one of the biggest environmental, socio-economic and political crisesRead More →

Join our online learning community and choose from wildlife courses that are certified, diverse and interesting. Our online wildlife courses are perfect for anyone who is interested in nature, whether you enrol in a course in preparation for your conservation experience in the field, or as a stand-alone learning opportunity to boost your knowledge or even your CV. With course options ranging from Human-Wildlife Conflict to Capture, and Care and Management of Wildlife to Digital Wildlife Photography, we’ve got something for everyone.Read More →

“This has been an experience of a lifetime. The amount of hands-on experiences and trust given has boosted my skills and confidence working with animals.”Read More →

Vets Go Wild has truly been a life changing experience! Each day was different from the next and brought new and exciting challenges. I’ve progressed so much as a veterinary professional and I’m much more confident in my abilities! Where else would I be able to give reversal drugs to a giraffe and take blood samples for DNA testing from lions. Not only has this but I have a new found respect for Dr Fowlds work. I now understand the seriousness of the challenges rhinos face in the wild. And I genuinely believe that we as vets, friends and members of the community can makeRead More →