In 2010, Simon Jones booked on a 6 week volunteer programme through Worldwide Experience at Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Little did he know it would be quite the life changing experience it turned out to be! On the 2nd April 2010, Simon and his wife left the shores of the UK for what they thought would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend an extended period living and breathing wildlife conservation. The 6 weeks was a great experience, both from the perspective of experiencing some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife and also learning about conservation practices whereRead More →

Worldwide Experience conservation partner, Brett Barlow is achieving amazing results in wildlife protection through a unique AI (Artificial Intelligence) approach. Brett shares his story briefly with us below… “Having grown up on a farm in Zimbabwe, conservation and wildlife has always been in my blood, and being lucky enough to have been able to assist in several Rhino related projects in Namibia in the late 1980’s as well as relocation and security projects in Zimbabwe and South Africa during the following 10 years, led me to my passion for Rhino. After purchasing my own rhino and working with them on a daily basis, I beganRead More →

We often receive questions about the current rhino crisis, which unfortunately, over the last decade, has not significantly subsided. In order to address these questions and bring awareness to the extreme complexity of the situation we have compiled this article as a resource for you to refer to. Our sources include our charities and partners (link to partners page) who are working tirelessly to gain control over the situation, as well as African government articles and other organisations with a focus on rhino conservation. Along with our charity partner the Born Free Foundation (2012:1), we most certainly agree that the world’s rhinos are in crisis. Less than 29,000 rhino’sRead More →