Vets Go Wild invites you to join our team on a safari that will take you, virtually, into the frontline of conservation with a purpose. We have collated all that we have learned over 13 years, 44 courses, 528 students from 26 countries representing 37 Veterinary Schools, and incorporated the most relevant – the best and the worst – of our in-field, hands-on experience into this online road-trip.Read More →

Vets Go Wild has truly been a life changing experience! Each day was different from the next and brought new and exciting challenges. I’ve progressed so much as a veterinary professional and I’m much more confident in my abilities! Where else would I be able to give reversal drugs to a giraffe and take blood samples for DNA testing from lions. Not only has this but I have a new found respect for Dr Fowlds work. I now understand the seriousness of the challenges rhinos face in the wild. And I genuinely believe that we as vets, friends and members of the community can makeRead More →

I learned how to keep calm under pressure, this profession is organized chaos. This has been the most amazing experience of my life. The vet, staff, guides, nurses have been so helpful and encouraging. We had a great group and I have a new feeling of confidence I haven’t had before. I really appreciated the faith everyone had in us that we could do it. Best part is nothing died I want me and my class to buy a rhino. Thank you My school fund raises for a wildlife organization every semester. I would like to advocate to here and share my experience.Read More →

I’ve had an absolutely wonderful time in South Africa working with the VGW crew. To get hands on with some of the most incredible animals that walk the planet was amazing. Being able to ‘walk a rhino’ is something that I truly will never forget. Memories that will last a lifetime.Read More →