Its National Arbor month in South Africa and Worldwide Experience would like to challenge you to get involved in greening our planet by planting a tree or donating trees to a tree planting organization. Trees do so much more for us other than just providing food, shelter and protection. Trees help to combat noise pollution, are home to many animals, provide oxygen, prevent flooding and cool down the earth’s temperature.  Trees are an integral part of are earth and therefore need to be protected. Here are a few interesting facts about the value of a single tree according to Jumbo Tree Services: One tree isRead More →

Last week, a public talk was held in Port Elizabeth ( Nelson Mandela Bay) organised by Dr Lorien Pichegru at the Bayworld Conference Centre where Dr Andrew Muir, CEO of the Wilderness Foundation and the President of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, delivered a talk on the possibility of Nelson Mandela Bay becoming the world’s biodiversity and sustainable development capital. According to the current stats, the African population will double by the year 2050 and it is estimated that there will then be 50 megacities worldwide of which 22 of them will be in Africa! According to Wikipedia, a megacity is a very largeRead More →