“On World Oceans Day, people around our blue planet celebrate and honor the ocean, which connects us all. Get together with your family, friends, community, and the planet to start creating a better future (World Oceans Day:2019).” WHY CELEBRATE WORLD OCEANS DAY? A healthy world ocean is critical to our survival. Every year, World Oceans Day provides a unique opportunity to honor, help protect, and conserve our world’s shared ocean. According to World Oceans Day (2019), the ocean is important because it: Generates most of the oxygen we breathe Helps feed us Regulates our climate Cleans the water we drink Offers a pharmacopoeia of medicines ProvidesRead More →


The 5th of June marks #WorldEnvironmentDay, join Worldwide Experience and the United Nations as we try #BeatAirPollution. Did you know that nine out of ten people breathe polluted air? Nobody is safe from this pollution, which comes from five main human sources. These sources spew out a range of substances including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ground-level ozone, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons, and lead–all of which are harmful to human health.Read More →

Worldwide Experience has entered into an exciting new partnership with China’s Kooka Nature, the tour operator arm of the Qiaonyu Foundation based in Beijing. This followed an exploratory trip to China by our director, Taryn in November last year. The Qiaonyu Foundation is an influential organisation in China with strong links to their government. They have agreements to manage over 70 protected natural areas in China, and as part of our agreement with Kooka Nature, we will assist with the development of nature education camps at several of these spectacular locations across China. Kooka Nature share certain goals with Worldwide Experience, like reconnecting people withRead More →