“I just want to share this amazing feedback with you from my clients. I met the family yesterday. When they came towards me their eyes were shining and they all said: SUPER!  Listening to their stories and looking into their eyes, you have truly implemented an incredible conservation experience. They felt special compared to the “normal” safari guests, and had the feeling they got more inside information and were able to contribute. Thank you so much! I know you went the extra mile! This will come back 1000 times, I am sure.”Read More →

“Thank you for the most wonderful few days at Eco-camp and for the opportunity to spend a couple of days completely undistracted with my family in nature. You have an amazing team running a truly special place and we all came away inspired, thrilled and very, very happy. There is nothing to beat family time in the bush in such a spectacular setting!”Read More →

“Brendon and Stevie were fantastic hosts (a real asset to our experience), who we miss dearly. Thank you to Gondwana Game Reserve, you have something truly special there. 10 out of 10 – wonderful!”Read More →

“We had such an incredible time at Eco Camp that we extended our stay! A truly unique and unbelievable experience with a fantastic bunch of passionate, fun and enthusiastic conservationists. Learned soooo much, but also haven’t had such great fun in a long time. Our stomachs are sore from all the laughing! So apologies that we didn’t make it back to Cape Town as we extended our stay to continue to play our part in the war against the Wattles! Let me know how we can help to publicize this place more, it certainly deserves a lot of attention and we would love to spread theRead More →