Staff were friendly and informative and very professional. The captain knew what he was doing and seemed to follow the whales instinctively. We saw many whales and I think everyone had a great time.Read More →

We spent an amazing Sunday morning on the water, with Rainer and his crew, and saw some spectacular sights including our cruise alongside a huge pod of dolphins – they were so close and playful that we could almost reach out and touch them. This organisation exhibited strong conservation and ethical values towards the ocean and its wildlifeRead More →

It’s quite a strange experience at first at 5:30 in the morning… you step out onto the boat, with all your anticipation and excitement. And the sea is still, and a painful silence of the ocean just waking up as you are makes you wonder if you’ll actually see anything. And then from nowhere, one dolphin, five dolphins, 10 dolphins and then what seem to be hundreds encompass you and bring company of birds chasing after the pod for fish and variety of marine wildlife literally underneath your feet. Kind of like the quiet before the storm. We gaze in awe at the picturesque sceneRead More →