N/a’an ku se and volunteering there changed my life. I have reevaluated things and look at things in a different light. It is hard to sit by when the world is in flames, but when you get involved hands on, it makes it easier, makes it feel like you really can make a difference. I shop less and try and buy what I can secondhand. I use less water after seeing the drought there and I constantly tell people about the incredible people you can meet there. I have made so many friends for life, we have about 30 of us in regular contact!Read More →

“The Mangetti Project is so unique because I think this is one of the few sites where you really see in real-time that the work you’re doing has a direct impact on people’s lives. I think this project truly embodies what conservation is about, people. Yes, the focus of the work is geared towards wildlife, but at the end of the day, conservation is about the communities impacted by wildlife, and out of all the projects, this is the one where you see human- wildlife conflict firsthand. It’s the one project where you feel like you’re actually doing real work to mitigate that conflict andRead More →

“This stay has been amazing in every sense of the word! I came here with shaky legs and nervous looks, and left two months later as a new person, revitalized by the amazing scenery, the very giving knowledge and of course, with friends for life! The program combines the essence of being a volunteer in an amazing way, with the manual labour of building camps, the experience of seeing and interacting with all the amazing animals, and the friendly family environment between volunteers and coordinators. The way that you are able to learn about conservation as well as the animals, both species and individuals, hasRead More →

“True conservation work happens here at Naankuse. This is my third time at the project and no matter how many times I come back there is always something new to explore and help with. It is a privilege to be a part of Naankuse’s work even on a small scale, and I would thoroughly recommend the experience to everyone. Make the most of the research sites- don’t leave Namibia without seeing Neuras!”Read More →