“This was the most incredible experience of my life and has left me with the best memories which will stay with me forever. Working with Will and his nursing team was fantastic – I found them all very inspiring.”Read More →

“The most incredible experience. The opportunity to have responsibility over the anaesthesia of a wild animal was incredible. The lectures were really interesting and gave us more confidence in the procedures. Will has an incredible ability to constantly inspire and is a phenomenal teacher with never-ending patience. Can’t forget Uncle Bill’s pub at Amakhala. All staff at Amakhala was incredibly friendly and me feel at home. I don’t want to leave!!!”Read More →

“I used all the money I had saved over the past few years to come on this programme and I’m so glad I did. It was incredible experience – I learned so much and made friends with a fantastic group of people, both staff and peers. If I was given the option I would quite happily never leave.”Read More →

“Vets Go Wild 2017 was a dream come true. The hands-on experience was genuinely invaluable. I’ve wanted to do this course for over 6 years, therefore already had very high expectations – they were easily exceeded. I’ll never forget these 16 days and you can definitely expect to see me back for the internship.”Read More →