Conserving Cheetahs

This project has been suspended from our portfolio of conservation experiences. This is because it has come to light that the facility has sold an undisclosed number of cheetahs into the international exotic pet trade, and their claimed number of releases of cheetah into the wild has come into question. Such activity goes against our Worldwide Experience ethical standards and animal protection policy. Our team is devastated and disappointed to learn this information, as we have supported the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre for many years.

We are in contact with the centre for their statement. Our team will be following up to find out whether or not the centre will continue to run its operation, and if so, to know what updated policies will be put in place and if we could possibly assist. Worldwide Experience would prefer to provide support in achieving positive change, rather than placing a permanent ban on the programme. If the centre does not continue to operate, we will be following up to find out what will happen to the animals currently homed at the centre. Our primary concern is the future and welfare of the animals currently at the centre.