Grown Up Gappers

If you think adventurous travel and volunteering abroad is only for youngsters on a gap year, think again!

One of the newest trends in globe-trotting, neatly weaved in with adventure travel, is suitably referred to as Grown-Up Gappers. Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to be a recently graduated late teen to take a Gap year. Right now there are a plethora of opportunities out there to discover the world beyond your home territory and career, and have a great travel experience whilst you’re at it.

These days more and more Grown-Up Gappers are now venturing into the wild beyond, choosing to work with animals abroad, and realise one of their life’s ambitions.

Whether you plan on taking a career break, holidaying in a more immersive way, or volunteering after retirement, Worldwide Experience has a variety of meaningful conservation experiences for you.

Professionals, Mature Volunteers and Retired Gappers have a depth of skills and knowledge to offer at our conservation projects! Our projects give you the perfect opportunity to contribute your skills, stretch your comfort zone, meet people from different cultures, make a real impact and have a fantastic adventure!