Vets Go Wild – African Wildlife Vet Practical Experience

Participate in a Wildlife Training Course Endorsed by International Universities at the Addo National Park in South Africa


    • Learn about animal care alongside our experienced vet team, led by world-renowned wildlife vet Dr William Fowlds
    • Fulfil a portion of your Extra Mural Study (EMS) requirements for your vet qualification
    • Learn and apply wildlife conservation principles in the field
    • Expand your knowledge for a potential career in wildlife veterinary medicine
    • Improve your employability after graduation so you can start your dream career
    • Learn about marine animal care, unique to Vets Go Wild!
    • Take charge of yourself and your future. Diversify your vet experience portfolio
    • Learn not just theoretical but practical elements of veterinary medicine with exotic animals
    • Harness the potential within you. Gain confidence as a vet and enhance your personal growth
    • Meet like-minded individuals, form lasting relationships and expand your network.
    • Learn game capture and relocation techniques, including darting from a helicopter
    • Visit the world-renowned Addo Elephant National Park and other reserves
    • Join in community upliftment day, contributing directly to the lives of those in need
    • Enjoy the experience of a lifetime, make memories that will last forever!


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