Conserving Orphaned Rhinos

This is a unique opportunity to work with one of Africa’s most critically endangered animals. One of the biggest challenges facing wildlife today is the illegal trade in wildlife products, especially rhino horn. Rhino  poaching has increased at an alarming rate during the past decade, and it is the aim of this programme to help in the fight towards saving these iconic species. In some parts of the world, rhino horn is more valuable than precious substances like platinum, diamonds and gold! This demand has fueled the rhino poaching crisis, and that is why it’s so important to have places like this rhino orphanage… where these animals can live and grow in a safe environment. This is the largest rhino orphange in the world.

The rhinos in the orphanage typically come from Kruger National park, the area worst hit by rhino poaching activities, and are usually the babies of female rhinos that were killed for their horns. The facility is not open to the public – it is not a tourist attraction, and we are only looking for volunteers who are serious about committing to providing care to the rhinos and other animals at the orphanage. As the owner of the rhino orphanage says, “You can expect to work hard and get your hands dirty!”

Project Details

As the largest rhino orphanage in the world, their vision is to secure herds of African Rhinoceros in protected conservation areas to ensure the survival of the species for generations to come.The mission of Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary is to rescue every rhino that is orphaned, to heal them and to provide a totally secure environment where they can grow, roam free, and breed to ensure that there will always be rhinos in Africa.

The rhino orphanage is situated in the Lowveld region of the Mpumalanga province in South Africa. The area is typically known as “Bushveld”… associated with your typical African safari scenes! The closest town is Nelspruit, and the Kruger National Park is not far away.

Volunteers stay in shared cabins (2-4 people/cabin) with ensuite bathrooms. There is a communal volunteer area that has a fully equipped kitchen, covered veranda, lounge area and lecture room.

All meals at the sanctuary are catered for.

Transfers from Nelspruit, Kruger Mpumalanga International airport (MPQ) are included. A representative from the project will be awaiting your arrival at the airport and they will then transfer you to the sanctuary, your new home over the coming weeks.

Your volunteer package includes an internet connection. Volunteers staying longer than 3 weeks are recommended to purchase a pay-as-you-go SIM card for their mobile phone upon their arrival at the airport.

The South African weather varies from one area to another. Mpumalanga, Limpopo and the North Western province all have summer rainfalls with very hot conditions during the day.

Summer months in South Africa: November – April (ticks are rife during the summer).

Winter months: May – October (morning and evenings are cold).


The Climate here is sub-tropical, with an average summer rainfall of 475 millimeters, and dry winters. In the summer, the temperatures are anywhere from 18 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius, and temperatures in winter range between 8 degrees Celsius and 26 degrees Celsius.

Kruger day trip

*Depending on the number of volunteers

Kaapsehoop & Chimp Eden day trip

R1400 per person (approximately and subject to change)

Please note:

•maximum of 3 people.

•all booked guests must partake in horse trail – beginners to experienced riders welcome.

•light Lunch is included at Chimp Eden Facilities, drinks and snacks excluded.

Scenic Panorama day trip

R1600 per person (approximately and subject to change)

This includes all entrance fees at attractions.

Please note:

•maximum of 3 people per trip.

•lunch, drinks and snacks are excluded.

Barberton Geo-trail trip

R1000 per person per person (approximately and subject to change)

Please note:

•maximum of 3 people per trip.

•please note that there are no bathroom facilities on the route

***Costs are guidelines based in research and subject to change based on the providers terms and conditions.



Transfers from Nelspruit Airport to the Living with Orphaned Rhinos Centre

All fieldwork


6am – 7am: Food preparation & baby rhino feeding

7am – 8am: Rhino boma maintance

8am – 9am: Morning Meeting

9am – 10:30 am: Breakfast

10:30am – 12pm: Food Preparation & baby rhino feeding

12pm – 2pm: Lunch

2pm – 6pm: Food preparation, baby rhino feeding, additional animal feeding and farm maintenance

*Please note that the schedule is subject to change

Comprehensive Information Pack

Starting from: (2022 price)
£ 000.00
Starting from: (2023 price)
£ 000.00

Quick Overview

Country & Area  : South Africa, Mpumalanga Area

Nearest Airport  : Kruger Mpumalanga International airport (MPQ) Nelspruit

Transfer Time     : ± 45 min

Duration              : 2 – 12 weeks

Minimum Age     : 18

Join the ethical conservation revolution and help us make a real impact!