Vets Go Wild  – Practical African Wildlife Veterinary Experience

Participate in a wildlife veterinary training course in South Africa which is endorsed by universities internationally

If you are looking for a hands-on Africa vet experience and need to fulfill a portion of your Extra Mural Study (EMS) requirements or if you’re looking for further experience with exotic animals, Vets Go Wild have the perfect animal care courses for you, featuring the opportunity to work with wildlife vets in South Africa.

Experience Highlights

  • Experience game capture and learn relocation techniques; including darting from a helicopter
  • Diagnosis and treatment of disease
  • Learn the theoretical and practical elements of wildlife medicine
  • Learn about marine animal care, unique to Vets Go Wild
  • Learn and apply wildlife conservation principles in the field
  • Fufil a portion of your Extra Mural Study (EMS) requirements for your qualification
  • Learn about animal care alongside our experienced vet team, led by world renowned wildlife vet, Dr William Fowlds
  • Join a community upliftment day, contributing directly to those in need

Experience Benefits

  • Meet like-minded people individuals, form lasting relationships and expand your network
  • Harness the potential within you by gaining confidence as a vet
  • Take charge of yourself and your future
  • Improve your employability after graduation so you can start your dream career
  • Expand your knowledge for a potential career in wildlife veterinary medicine
  • Diversify your vet experience portfolio
  • Enhance your personal growth
  • Make memories that will last forever
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My confidence has been restored. The experience exceeded all my expectations; from the variety of animal species and procedures to the perfect hospitality.

Carly Bristol

A truly life-changing experience! I would urge any vet student to beg, borrow or fundraise to get themselves to South Africa.

Nirvana Leaver

This has been an experience of a lifetime. The amount of hands-on experiences and trust given to us as students has boosted my skills and confidence working with animals.

Beth Johnston

This has been an amazing, life- changing experience. I really loved the whole experience and all the amazing people who were a part of this course.

Zoe Walsh