Worldwide Experience COVID-19 Support and FAQ:

As travel restrictions have been put in place by governments, we, unfortunately, cannot advise on the “when” and “how long” before we can travel again, but we are confident that when the travel bans are lifted, wildlife lovers will want to dive into the big blue, head out into the wild to take in all the smells and sounds of the wilderness and make a real impact while reconnecting with the animal world we are all missing so much!

We want to keep you focused and driven and above all else, we want to continue recruiting volunteers to give back to our animal world that needs us as much as we need it! Worldwide Experience is offering you the chance to sign up for your chosen conservation experience now with NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED and you can cancel at any point with zero cancellation fees or penalties!

Too good to be true, well it’s true and it’s good and we want to be there for you! So how does this all work?

  • Find your dream conservation experience and preferred travel dates between now and December 2021
  • Apply online – or contact us directly at
  • We will provisionally book your preferred travel dates with your project of choice and as soon as the travel bans for your destination are lifted, we will contact you to make your first payment (or full payment if you are travelling within two months of making your booking)
  • If any travel bans change and we need to change up your travel dates, we will gladly change your dates accordingly without any penalties or cancellation fees

Absolutely, we are! The projects are currently closed, and ground staff are working really hard to keep the projects going until our volunteers are ready and able to travel again. We need you and they need you.

Since we are not asking for deposits until further notice, there is nothing to refund should you change your mind. And if you do change your mind, you are welcome to reapply at any stage. You’ve got nothing to lose!

We say yes! Why… well not only you be saving some cash right now by booking with no deposit and cancellations fees, but you will also have time to plan your placement, research where you will be going, how you can make a real impact and if your cabin fever needs further unleashing… you can even plan a pre or post mini holiday in or around your project destination of choice! What a great way to stay focused during isolation, with zero financial risks!

Our world is your oyster and you can choose where you would like to spend your post-COVID free time, this is also pending country-specific travel bans, but we will work around this with you to properly plan your trip, flexibility is our middle name right now! In fact, we’re offering a £150 discount on selected projects if you book before 30 June 2020, for travel by the end of 2021. For further info, email

We got you! Worldwide Experience has been around since the dawn of volunteer travel and we are well experienced in and equipped to manage most situations, including new ones like COVID-19. Our top priority is our volunteers’ safety and we will ensure your destination and project location are safe over your travel dates before you travel. Should anything change while you are on your placement, we will do whatever we need to ensure you return home safely.

Worldwide Experience and our project partners have revised our terms and conditions to ensure maximum flexibility and minimal impact from the current world crisis. If you are unable to travel over your original dates due to official travel bans, you will be able to postpone your trip without any penalties.

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. As soon as official government travel bans are announced that affect your course dates, you will be able to postpone to a later course without penalties (even if this means attending a 2021 course, you will still pay the 2020 price). Once travel bans are announced, you will be able to contact your airline about postponing your flight.

All official updates will be relayed to you by your school. Together with your school, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely. As soon as travel bans are announced that affect your study tour dates, your school will advise you of the new dates. Should you have left the school before the new study tour dates, your place will be cancelled without any penalties. Again, all official updates on our 2020 Eco School Challenge study tours will be communicated to you and your parents via your school.

Worldwide Experience and our education partners have revised our terms and conditions to ensure maximum flexibility and minimal impact from the current world crisis. If you are unable to travel over your original dates due to official travel bans, you will be able to postpone to a later course without any penalties.

As the current situation is ever-changing, we will only be able to advise closer to your travel dates and we will ensure you are well informed of the processes involved and we will endeavour to assist you to the best of our ability to ensure your booking is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Currently, the status regarding COVID-19 with insurance companies is classified as a “known risk” and they will not insure against medical or travel-related incidents related to this. We would advise waiting until we get the ALL CLEAR and there are no travel bans before purchasing travel insurance for your placement. When you do reach the stage of purchasing insurance, please ensure you ask your insurer if they have any terms and conditions relating to COVID-19 coverage.

Airlines are still operating and are also trying to be as flexible as possible. Should you have a flight booked for an upcoming placement, please do contact the airline to discuss what policies they have in place as each airline may differ. If there is a travel ban affecting your trip, you will not be able to enter the destination country. You will have to postpone your trip to a future date or cancel it altogether. In some cases, airlines are offering refunds or credit vouchers.

We recommend that you postpone your trip to a later date. Worldwide Experience will gladly postpone your trip without any penalties. Many global airlines are also offering complimentary date changes.

Due to the current uncertainty regarding travel bans, Worldwide Experience is unable to advise when the bans will be lifted, however, we are monitoring the situation very closely and we will update our travellers with any relevant news and or changes that may impact your travel as they arise. Worldwide Experience is here for you, and if you would like to just pop us an email to ask any questions about a conservation experience you may be interested in or if you have a current placement booked, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and we would love to talk about all things conservation and travel with you!