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Worldwide Experience is a constantly-developing company which offers a wide range of programmes that cater for all ages and interests, allowing you to get personally involved.



Wild animals will cease to exist if man continues to eradicate their environment. Here is your chance to play a part in making sure that for generations to come, people can enjoy the grace of Mother Nature in its entirety. You also have the opportunity to develop your skills in conservation by taking part in specialized accredited Game Ranger Courses.
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Marine Conservation

The conservation of animals and their environment is not only  an issue on the worlds continents, but also in the seas that surround them and  in the river systems. Global warming, over-fishing and the use of endangered species  for medicinal purposes are just a few of the serious problems which contribute  to the eradication of our planets marine life. Worldwide Experience have identified  several front-running marine conservation placements, where you can assist with  their ongoing efforts.



Worldwide Experience has set up a number of placements which allow you to safely make a difference in a childs life. You can help to support those less fortunate than you, by assisting with ongoing projects that have been created to help uplift communities in Africa.


Vets Go Wild!

If you are looking for a hands-on veterinary experience and need to fulfil some Extra Mural Studies (EMS) then Vets Go Wild is the perfect programme for you. It is specifically designed for veterinary students and offers course participants the opportunity to shadow veterinary surgeons on several Eastern Cape game reserves in South Africa. The programme is also endorsed by the main universities in the UK offering Veterinary Science.


Eco School Challenge

Eco School Challenge gives schools and colleges the chance  to tailor-make their very own conservation and community project. With the emphasis  on making a difference, the challenge is based around the individual needs and  requirements of the group, helping to develop key skills for students and teachers  alike. Eco School Challenges are highly rewarding and very easy to organize.


Grown-up Gappers

As overall awareness of the worlds problems increase, more and more people choose to take part in worthwhile projects overseas. Worldwide Experience has identified this need and has set up several projects which are better-suited for to the grown-up gapper or more mature volunteer. Suitable projects are indicated by a logo on relevant pages on this website.
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Choose Your Experience

Wildlife Conservation
Wildlife Conservation
Volunteering on a wildlife conservation project is a fantastic opportunity which will give you an experience and life skills which you will treasure. Many of our volunteers look to participate in wildlife conservation during a gap year before or after university.
Marine Conservation
Marine Conservation
Our Marine Conservation projects work to save habitats and species along the South African coastline, and give you the opportunity for hands-on involvement in these crucial efforts!
Grownup Gappers
Grownup Gappers
If you think adventurous travel and volunteering abroad is only for youngsters on a gap year, think again!
Game Reserve Experiences
Game Reserve Experiences
Volunteer on a game reserve and you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of conservation work. Your dedicated coordinator will ensure that you gain a deeper understanding of conservation issues, enjoy a wonderful learning experience and make an important individual contribution to conservation.
Wildlife Conservation
Animal Rehabilitation
If exposure to the African wildlife is your dream – perhaps even interacting one on one with wildlife – the gap year voluntary work at one of our Wildlife Sanctuary projects will exceed your wildest expectations, as you help provide care for wildlife animals that are injured or that have unfortunately come into conflict with humans.