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Join us on our mission of nurturing nature today, for tomorrow. Enjoy peace of mind, personalised service from our expert team and 24 hour placement support when you travel with Worldwide Experience during your gap year. Our strong support platform allows you to become immersed in the world of conservation through our diverse volunteering initiatives created to make a real impact, by doing the most for the animals and environment while also providing the best experience for our gap year volunteers and travellers.

Gap Year Travel Experiences

Join us on an epic, action-packed volunteering trip for your gap year. Opportunities range from volunteering at animal rehabilitation centres and working with marine conservationists along the South African coastline to our Vets Go Wild programme which provides unique, hands-on animal care experience.

If you are planning to embark on an exciting adventure during your gap year, why not talk to the team at Worldwide Experience? Travel to exciting destinations with us and ensure the welfare of both animals and the environment whilst enjoying a truly unique voluntary experience.


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