Our New Partners of Impact – Waterbear | Worldwide Experience

Ellen Windemuth, CEO of WaterBear: “We’re delighted to welcome Worldwide Experience as one of our first travel partners on the WaterBear platform. At WaterBear we use storytelling to reinvent travel. With eco-travel partners such as Worldwide Experience, we can help support local communities, drive wildlife conservation, and reduce environmental damage; and we look forward to doing just that!”

The Waterbear Network, the ‘Netflix’ of conservation is our exciting new partner in our mission to make a real impact on the planet. Waterbear is a free interactive platform dedicated to the future of our planet, motivated by UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Uniquely, users are not only able to watch nature documentaries but also connect with the people behind the films and take action, whether that means donating to an NGO that you resonate with or booking an eco-conscious trip.

Worldwide Experience is just one of a global network of Waterbear partners working together to create an impact on our planet. You can enjoy the inspirational and award-winning Waterbear content by simply downloading the Waterbear app.

Ellen Windemuth, CEO of the WaterBear Network said, “We are excited about WaterBear’s ability to encourage people to not just watch, but actually interact with the causes they care about. The first network of its kind, we have the chance to be at the forefront of the most pressing issues of our time – showcasing the work being done to protect our earth's boundaries and human rights, and empowering us to take direct action to shape a better future for our fragile planet.”

Dedicated to bringing together a global community that is passionate about the UN SDGs, WaterBear already has 65 non-profit partners on board spanning some of the world’s biggest environmental NGOs to a network of local, grass-roots organisations. Other Waterbear partners include hand-picked travel organisations, including Worldwide Experience and our parent company the Mantis Collection. Our partnership with Waterbear inspires viewers to take action by becoming a wildlife volunteer at one of our conservation projects.

Create your free Waterbear account now: https://www.waterbear.com/