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Welcome to Worldwide Experience, the home of Vets Go Wild – an action-packed wildlife veterinary module recognised for EMS across international universities.

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  • Experience Stories

    Paul Juniper
    Fantastic customer service and brilliant accommodation and food at Nyosi. Interesting peri-urban location. The pre-departure support from WWE was fantastic. I would happily recommend WWE to another school.
  • Experience Stories

    Jennifer Meredith
    The Vets Go Wild course was fantastic, we had lots of opportunities for hands-on work and the lecture content was really interesting. I never would have thought we would be able to fit so much into 16 days!
  • Experience Stories

    Katie Swanson
    Such an amazing place to be in! The people were great and very welcoming. It was such a great learning experience that I will never forget. I would do this again in a heartbeat!
  • Experience Stories

    Karli Wolfe
    Bianca was so helpful throughout the entire process! She made everything so easy!
  • Experience Stories

    Sarah Gabriel
    Bianca was very helpful throughout this entire process!! She is reliable and so so nice, could not recommend her enough :)

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